Focusing is a natural and gentle practice of listening to your body’s wisdom.

The process of Focusing was developed by Dr Eugene Gendlin in the 1960s and 1970s. Anyone can learn Focusing and it can be practised alone or with others.

I am a Certified Focusing Professional and a member of The International Focusing Institute and the Irish Focusing Network. To find out more please visit or

Your body always tends in the direction of feeling better.

Eugene Gendlin

When we focus we

  • Access a whole-body sense of any situation or experience
  • Bring our attention to something experienced in the body but not yet in words
  • Listen to ourselves in a very special way
  • Tap into our body knowing, accessing the depth and richness of our whole self

Once we learn the skill of Focusing, we can practise it almost any place and at any time.

Focusing brings

  • Greater self-compassion
  • A reduction of self-criticism and self-judgement
  • Relief of stress and bodily tension
  • Understanding and insight regarding whatever is going on in our lives
  • A way of being with painful emotions
  • Easier decision-making
  • Space for creative solutions to emerge from seemingly stuck situations

The term Focusing is used as a metaphor for the process of recognising vague, unclear body sensations which we can gradually bring into focus just as we might adjust a camera or binoculars.

Focusing Services

I offer one to one sessions for those who want to learn Focusing as well as those who would like to deepen their Focusing practice.

I also teach Focusing workshops in person and online.

Nothing that feels bad is ever the last step.

Eugene Gendlin